Rancho San Jose de Buenos Aires Chapter

West Los Angeles, California

Chapter Activities and Projects

Chapter Activities

Dates: 30 Aug., 2016
29 Nov., 2016
31 Jan., 2017
30 May, 2017
29 Aug., 2017
31 Oct., 2017


 Bingo at the VA Hospital

This chapter hosts Bingo and an ice cream social at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center

whenever there's a fifth Tuesday in a month.


Date:  3 January, 2017


 Baby Baskets for Veteran Moms and Babies

After collecting necessary and fun items for babies, and gifts for mothers, we hold a

chapter workshop to assemble gift baskets or bags.


Date: 29 March, 2017


 Annual Benefit Luncheon

Luncheon is served and a silent auction and a white elephant sale are conducted, with the

proceeds going to our various charitable activities throughout the year. Everyone is welcome!




Additional Chapter Activities and Projects:

  • "Pennies for Pines" - The spare change proceeds go to the planting of new pine trees. With $68 collected, a check is mailed to the reforestation fund that the Los Angeles River Ranger District maintains. Trees need replacing because of forest fires and bug damage. Each check sent will reforest about one acre. In 2010 alone, nearly 10,000 tree seedlings were planted on approximately 25 acres, mostly in the Charlton-Chilao recreation area. 
  • "Labels for Education" - saving and submitting special labels on canned goods and other products which translates into funding for schools.
  • The Fourth of July Parade is well represented by our DAR members.