Rancho San Jose de Buenos Aires Chapter

West Los Angeles, California

Contests and Awards

California DAR awards

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Awards won by the Rancho San Jose Chapter in 2015-2016


  • Second Place - Most Members as C.A.R. Senior Leaders
  • Second place for Donations of Books to the NSDAR Library, Chapters Under 60
  • Honorable Mention in Chapters Under 60 Members Literacy Promotion Volunteer Hours and Donations
  • Support of Children of the American Revolution
  • Second Place -  Inviting CAR Members to Chapter or Special Functions
  • Third Place - Constitution Week (Under 60 Members) Proclamations Obtained - 2
  • Labels and Box Tops to Ba Indian Schoocone College and Chemawa Indian School
  • Activities and Programs Promoting American History
  • Constitution Week Chapter Participation
  • Partnership I the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration
  • Donation of Two Books to the DAR Library in Washington DC
  • Participation in Historic Preservation
  • Historic Preservation Programming
  • First Place - Youth Volunteer Hours (Under 60 Members)
  • Serving Its Community
  • Chapter Achievement Award - Level 1


  • Honorable Mention - Focusing on Future Readers (Under 60 Members)
  • First Place - DAR Service for Veterans - Youth Volunteer Hours (Under 60 Members)
  • Third Place - DAR Service for Veterans - Youth Volunteers (Under 60 Members)
  • Third Place - Most Joint Special Activity or Project
  • First Place - American History (Under 60 Members)
  • Chapter Participation - Constitution Week
  • Chapter Participation - Celebrate America Committee
  • Participation in Historic Preservation
  • Support of Historic Preservation
  • Outstanding Programs
  • 100% Chapter Participation Honoring Our Heritage Through Meaningful Community Service